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Those old religions are outdated!

Worship the CyberSpaceKing© and pay tribute by sending cash. We only have a handful of followers now but that should increase significantly over the next few centuries. As with all religious movements these things take time. New followers need to discover me, disciples of other religions need to convert and my present followers need to […]

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Worship the CyberSpaceKing©

Greetings from the CyberSpaceKing©, worship me in your own way, pay tribute by sending cash. It’s such a simple concept but it could change the world. Why struggle with old outdated religions that just cause confusion and arguments amongst people? If everyone abandons their existing religions and worship the CyberSpaceKing© instead… then the world will […]

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Easy religion, instant salvation.

In this modern age of convenience are you wasting your time with a religion that is complicated, antiquated, difficult to follow and even more difficult to explain and justify to non-believers? Why not simplify your life by worshiping the CyberspaceKing©? The CyberSpaceKing© will never tell you how to worship or how much to contribute, you will never have to learn […]

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Time for a new religion?

Worship the CyberSpaceKing© pay tribute by sending cash.

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Customize your faith.

You can worship the CyberSpaceKing© in whatever way you deem appropriate. No other religion offers you that kind of flexibility. When you worship the CyberSpaceKing© You decide how you want to worship and what worshiping the CyberSpaceKing© means. All the CyberSpaceKing© asks is that you worship him and pay tribute by sending cash. By worshipping […]

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A great new religion.

The CyberSpaceKing’s brand of religion is fast and easy. No longer do religious minded zealots need worry about the devotion of others. Everybody gets to worship in their own unique way, there are no special rules or rituals to follow, just worship the CyberSpaceKing in your own way and pay tribute by sending cash. It’s […]

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The Human Condition

Are you looking for a solution for the human condition? Bad news, there is none, but by worshipping the CyberSpaceKing© you can ease your suffering. Are you constantly seeking answers and solace from your current religion? Are the answers sometimes confusing and unhelpful? Does your religion leave you feeling empty and unsatisfied? Look no farther […]

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CyberSpaceKing© edicts.

The CyberSpaceKing© is always being worshiped by his loyal followers and sometimes the constant attention can be quite a challenge. Being a diety is a tremendous responsibility what with all the adoring fans, the requests for salvation and the constant whinning of those in pain seeking comfort. Those who would worship the CyberSpaceKing© must learn […]

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Who would Jesus worship?

What with all the talk these days about “what would Jesus do” in this circumstance…and all the world leaders…and televangilists…… all those who claim to speak directly to Jesus.Somebody should ask these guys to ask Jesus who he would worship. I bet he’d tell them the CyberSpaceKing© because the CyberSpaceKing offers the only really simple […]

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Will this madness never end?

My niece (theJeanQueen) started a Blog. She started about the same time I did but has published twice the number of entires that I have. She wants to be a writer. I just want to be able to write. This whole thing is requiring way more effort than I thought it would. Where, Oh where […]

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These are not clouds. So saith the CyberSpaceKing. Scott Stevens seems like one of those people that just loves his job. His station manager of eight years at Channel 6 in Idaho described him as “energetic, easy-going and enthusiastic about the weather”. I first stumbled upon Scotts website when looking for answers as too […]

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Do you know about Rock-B-Gone©? Rock-B-Gone© is the only guaranteed and 100% environmentally friendly, safe and simple rock removal solution. Experts agree.."continued applications of Rock-B-Gone© guarantee your success.." Traditional rock removal solutions are messy and expensive Rock-B-Gone© works on any kind of rock and you get guaranteed results or your money back. No other product […]

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