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It’s so easy.

By worshiping the CyberSpaceKing© you and others like you make the world a better place. Consider worshiping the CyberSpaceKing© as the first logical step in consolidating the worlds religions this will make the world a safer place and religion in general less complicated and difficult to follow. This means less conflict, less blood shed and […]

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Essential and Divine

Divinity, it’s a big job but somebody has to do it. People think that just because I constantly ask my followers to send cash that I’m only in it for the money. Nothing could be further from the truth. I am “in it” for the good of mankind. This kind of selflessnes is what makes […]

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Looking for guidance?

In these troubling end days people everywhere are looking for guidance to their problems and help with their personal issues. Everyone has questions and everyone has difficulties keeping their faith. These are difficult times for you common and ordinary people. This makes the CyberSpaceKing©’s job more challenging and the need for the CyberSpaceKing© even more […]

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CyberSpaceKing© edicts.

The CyberSpaceKing© is always being worshiped by his loyal followers and sometimes the constant attention can be quite a challenge. Being a diety is a tremendous responsibility what with all the adoring fans, the requests for salvation and the constant whinning of those in pain seeking comfort. Those who would worship the CyberSpaceKing© must learn […]

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Who would Jesus worship?

What with all the talk these days about “what would Jesus do” in this circumstance…and all the world leaders…and televangilists…… all those who claim to speak directly to Jesus.Somebody should ask these guys to ask Jesus who he would worship. I bet he’d tell them the CyberSpaceKing© because the CyberSpaceKing offers the only really simple […]

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Follow the Light, 300 followers can't be wrong!

300 followers cant be wrong.OK So I haven’t perhaps reached 300 yet but soon it will be. 300 loyal followers in only 4 weeks is not bad. Although it’s difficult to say for sure I think about 90% of the visitors to my blogs are first time visitors, I know this because basically any hit […]

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Thinking inside the box.

Seems these days people are much more concerned about whats going on around them than whats going on inside. When it comes to news we want the big picture quickly and not the intimate details. Oh sure if theres sex or violence involved we want the details but if its something vaguely spiritual or sociopolitical […]

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Will this madness never end?

My niece (theJeanQueen) started a Blog. She started about the same time I did but has published twice the number of entires that I have. She wants to be a writer. I just want to be able to write. This whole thing is requiring way more effort than I thought it would. Where, Oh where […]

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Gosh darn CyberSpaceKing©, Your swell!

Imagine winning the CyberSpaceKing© boardgame. First follower to pay tribute over $2000ca will receive this limited edition hand-crafted CyberSpaceKing© game. Great for demonstrating your adoration and showing your friends and family how easy it is to worship the CyberSpaceKing©*** actual game may not be not as illustrated To all my loyal followers, thank you for […]

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These are not clouds. So saith the CyberSpaceKing. Scott Stevens seems like one of those people that just loves his job. His station manager of eight years at Channel 6 in Idaho described him as “energetic, easy-going and enthusiastic about the weather”. I first stumbled upon Scotts website when looking for answers as too […]

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Musings on religiousness.

Greetings from the CyberSpaceKing©.I found this website ( where you can explore the gravesites of people dead.I had a look for my “old” friend Kamato Hongo (an honourary Paramook) and these comments I found made me laugh. All these well wishers suggesting Kamato was “with the Angels” Kamato was Shinto an ancient religion based on […]

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