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Seasons Greetings from the CyberSpaceKing©

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Your sins are fallacious.

The CyberSpaceKing© thinks you should already know the difference between right and wrong. Thats why we dont have a whole lot of fancy rules or rituals. The CyberSpaceKing© thinks you should express yourself in your own way, all you really have to do do is worship the CyberSpaceKing© and pay tribute by sending cash. Thats […]

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Wed, November 12 2008 » Blasphemy, CyberSpaceKing, Devotion, edicts, Faith, religion, sin » No Comments

Worship me, pay tribute.

The heavy burden of divinity is very difficult to bear sometimes. Only very special individuals are able to deal with the pressures associated with godhood. The CyberSpaceKing is just such an individual, ready willing and able to accept your worship. Don’t forget to pay tribute. We accept your donations at the CyberSpaceKings home page;

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Sun, September 7 2008 » Adoration, Blasphemy, Devotion, Divinity, Pay Tribute, religion, Worship Me » No Comments


Blasphemy! Yes blasphemy is not a concern when you worship the CyberSpaceKing. We don’t trouble ourselves with such petty concepts. Worshiping the CyberSpaceKing is easy. There’s no difficult text or rituals to learn. We have no real rules at all, just worship the CyberSpaceKing and pay tribute by sending cash.

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Mon, August 25 2008 » Blasphemy, Devotion, Pay Tribute, religion, Worship Me » No Comments