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Worship me… Pay tribute by sending cash.

We are constantly working on new ways to help loyal followers to worship the CyberSpaceKing and pay tribute by sending cash. We have a paypal option available at the website we always accept cash in the mail, we even have self addressed stamped envelopes available here.We work hard to earn our followers adoration. Lots […]

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Tue, May 22 2007 » About Us, Devotion, Pay Tribute, religion, Worship Me » No Comments

Who would Jesus worship?

What with all the talk these days about “what would Jesus do” in this circumstance…and all the world leaders…and televangilists…… all those who claim to speak directly to Jesus.Somebody should ask these guys to ask Jesus who he would worship. I bet he’d tell them the CyberSpaceKing© because the CyberSpaceKing offers the only really simple […]

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Fri, May 11 2007 » About Us, Devotion, Ideas, musings, religion, Worship Me » 1 Comment

This has been a Test.

My Absense was a test of your faith.Those of you who passed the test (you know who you are) shall be rewarded with extended time and extra privileges in website heaven.The CyberSpaceKing is always testing the loyalty of his followers to determine who amongst you is the most deserving of my special attentions.A loyal follower […]

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