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Greetings from the CyberSpaceKing©

Sure other religions have thousands of years of tradition and millions of followers but that is their greatest weakness. This is the best part about worshiping the CyberSpaceKing. No longer will you need to memorize ancient texts or learn difficult rituals, you take control of your own belief. With our bold new religion, you take […]

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Tue, March 25 2008 » Devotion, Pay Tribute, religion, Worship Me » No Comments

The Human Condition

Are you looking for a solution for the human condition? Bad news, there is none, but by worshipping the CyberSpaceKing© you can ease your suffering. Are you constantly seeking answers and solace from your current religion? Are the answers sometimes confusing and unhelpful? Does your religion leave you feeling empty and unsatisfied? Look no farther […]

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Sun, March 2 2008 » Devotion, Ideas, Pay Tribute, Proselytize, religion, Worship Me » No Comments