the CyberSpaceKing©

worship me, pay tribute by sending cash!

the CyberSpaceKing© concept

When you worship the CyberSpaceKing© you will be amazed at how easy it is. There are no awkward rituals to attend no arcane texts to memorize and all your sins will be absolved if you simply worship me and pay tribute by sending cash.
It’s so easy everyone should do it.
Why not introduce this new religion to your family and friends today.

Remember it’s not important how much money you choose to donate as long as you pay tribute and tell your family and friends to do the same.
Worship the CyberSpaceKing© and pay tribute by sending cash, that’s all we ask.

Religion is a matter of faith and the gospel should be spread by word of mouth so don’t forget to worship the CyberSpaceKing© and continue to proselytize to friends and family. This religion will only work if everyone agrees, all denominations and all faiths must unite to insure our success.

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